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We Make Magic Happen

Since I became a teacher I've become less concerned about embarrassing myself. So I'm not afraid to admit that I spent much of last week listening to 90s-era ballads from the likes of Boys II Men and All 4 One. In other words, I've been listening to the music of my high school prom.

The reason for this musical mini-obsession is that my students had their Senior Prom last week. Their excitement filled me with memories of my own time in high school. I relayed this to my friend, mentor, and fellow teacher, Mike, who responded by saying that prom is "The most romantic part of high school." He's exactly right -- not in the "short-term-high-school relationship" sense of "romance" -- but rather, in a magical sense. Prom in particular, and high school in general, feels special because it is special. And it's special not because of some inherent specialness, but because it has been deliberately imbued with meaning by students, school staff, pa…